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At themoment, we supervise bachelor and master theses examining the followingresearch ares: 

1. Virtual Reality and interepersonal effects

  • Methods
  • Presence
  • Synchronisation

2. Computer- mediated communication

  • Hierarchy of social signals
  • Interpersonal connections in the context of gender and intercultural relations

3. Nonverbal communication

  • Influences on the affectdetection in nonverbal behavior (Context, cues)
  • Validation of objective measurements of nonverbal behavior (mimicry, complexity, proxemics, dominance, affect)
  • Negotiations and the importance of nonverbal behavior
  • Intercultural differences in nonverbal behavior

4. Computer and video-games

  • Games and frustration
  • Games and prosocial behavior
  • Transferring social norms and processes to virtual (game-) realities
  • Learning with digital games
  • Egalitarian goals in games

5. Extremist propaganda

  • Prevention via counter-narratives? 
  • Gender differences –extremist females?
  • Attraction and extremism

6. Stereotype und Medien

  • Gender roles
  • Egalitarian goals
  • Attraction

7. Terror Management Theorie und Medien

  • Egalitarian goals
  • Stereotypes


8. "Touch" - The effects of touch innegotiation situation and human communication


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